Custom Made and Stock Flags


Gracie Framing & Embroideries uses a market leading flag making company to produce excellent custom made and stock flying flags of all sizes – from car flags to Burgees and all sizes of Military Unit flags.These flags are manufactured to the highest standards using a woven polyester fabric specifically designed for the flag industry and the latest synthetic machining threads. The flag is reinforced with a tuck at the heading, and the individual sections are joined using fell and run interlocking seams, making our flags some of the most durable in the industry. 

We can supply stock item flags – Union, Northern Ireland, St George, St Andrew, Welsh Dragon and standard Country flags.

Please see below for more available flag products, both printed and embroidered.

Please use the GET IN TOUCH button below  for a quote. Printed flag orders can be completed within 5 to 31 days, depending on whether Standard flags or Custom-designed flags are required.  mbroidered, ceremonial products will take several weeks to complete.

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Ceremonial Flags, Standards & Guidons

Company Buntings

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