We have conducted extensive research and canvassed many PRI shops, Units and individuals to come up with a size and shape of rank slide which we believe meets the needs of today’s service person.

As there are so many Corps and Regimental designs, we are gradually increasing our stocks of rank slides and we may not hold your required type as a stock item. 

However, if we haven't yet made a rank slide for your unit, rank or Corps, we would be happy to make a new design and do not charge a set-up fee for quantity orders. 

Prices for Rank Slides are £3.00 per pair up to the rank of Sergeant and £4.00 per pair for Staff Sergeant and above (Plus Carriage and VAT)

Please use the GET IN TOUCH button below to place your rank slide order!!

Our minimum quantity order (for any combination of designs) is 10 pairs